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Files converted to XML

Files with namesdays and regional events were merged together and transformed to XML structure. It's preliminary version, because there are missing tags LeapDayShift and Period XXXX-YYYY.

marx, 24. Jun 2004

What is this project about?

Database over (repeating) calendar events, divided into cultural and political regions. (From "Independence day" to "all red-marked days in Norway" to "end of ramadan" to "namedays in Hungary".) This database is quite large but there are still missing translations of event's name in local languages.

Which countries are supported?

Our database can be divided to holidays and namesdays. We have database of holidays from all over the world, but only in english, for now. Namesdays data files are there for these countries: Czech, Hungary, Slovak and Sweden.

What are we doing?

Right now, we are working on XML version of these data files, because we want to add translations of holidays to local (non-english) langauges. In future we would like to write library in some scripting languages (PHP, Perl) so you will be able to use this DB directly (and easy) in your applications.

How can I help?

If your country hasn't holidays in our list of supported countries then try to find holidays on web or write it yourself and send them to me. And I will add it into our pages and data files (any human readable format is acceptable). Also if you can translate events to your native language (non-english), please send the translations to contact address.

There are people who helped with this project. If you would like to participate and add translation of events in your language or add namesdays then please contact us. You really don't need to know anything about XML, programming, etc. All you need is time :)

  • mirar (at — founder of this project
  • marx (at — XMLization, slovak and czech namesdays, web pages
  • Csongor Fagyal — hungarian namesdays
  • Keng Engström — swedish namesdays

If you have any suggestion or you would like to participate, please contact me at <>. There are so much spam around, that all other addresses are hidden.